reinvigorate strategy

In this highly interactive, two day workshop, 8-12 leaders representing several levels of an organisation seek up-to-date answers to seven questions which represent the fundamental building blocks of their enterprise ....

How should we define our business?

What are our goals?

What strategies will ensure that we achieve these goals?

What is the optimum structure that will drive the execution of these strategies?

What should be measured and reported?

How should performance and compensation be linked?

What are the attributes of the culture we need to succeed and the behaviours that leaders must demonstrate to support the new strategy?

Strategy Elicitation

Participants work together to answer each question in a way that supports and aligns with the previous question, leading to the definition of the organisation's real value added and competitive advantage.

The objective is to rapidly realign the strategic elements of the enterprise in a way that will drive performance.

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This workshop brings the corporate team to the point where they have a sense of mission for achieving a common direction and common goals. The output will be a clear description of the organisation's overall business proposition that clearly articulates where the organisation is going and defines the business and market it wants to be in.