process improvment

For many of our clients, our Diagnostic Workshop is the breakthrough event that creates the will and commitment required to sustain large-scale change.

The workshop enables an organisation to conduct a structured assessment of what it needs to do to improve and provides a roadmap for its delivery.

Analyse & Prioritise

path to prime

This fast paced, two day session allows clients to:

  • Identify the major areas for improvement within the company and analyse the root cause of each problem.
  • Assess the organisation's lifecycle position. If 'growing', are there abnormal problems which may threaten the organisation's survival? If 'ageing' what are the ageing factors that need to be addressed for the organisation to regain its vitality?
  • Legitimise the need for change and move 'ownership' for action from one or two visionaries onto the energised shoulders of all the workshop participants.
  • Develop a high level game plan for getting the organization to PRIME, the optimal stage of the lifecycle.

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Prescription for Prime

Clarity of the issues allows root cause analysis to align each improvement point to its natural place in the business model, bringing about a deeper understanding of the issues and forming the basis of the prescription for PRIME.