effective management

The idea of a truly rounded manager is a myth, but all companies can create a truly rounded management team. Top performance is achieved by having the right balance of skills across the organisation.

Four Facets of Management

There are four roles that must be performed if an organisation is to be effective and efficient over the long run. If one of these roles is missing, or is not being performed adequately, there will be mismanagement and the organisation will not succeed.

The emphasis and balance of these roles depends on the organisation's point in the lifecycle.

four facets of management

Our Effective Management workshop can help you identify the make-up of your management team and explain how to optimise roles according to your point in the lifecycle and your future plans.

Understanding the current make up of your management team is vital to maximising your business results and enabling your organisation to deal with change effectively.


A well balanced management team also needs to know how to manage the inevitable conflict that comes with working together so that it can make good decisions, foster mutual respect and harness the energy of conflict to a positive outcome.

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Our workshop covers a vital set of tools and methods to ensure that the best decisions are made as efficiently and accurately as possible. Your management team will leave this workshop with a clear plan for managing future change.