The success that our clients achieve is, in part, a function of the powerful concepts, methods and tools we help them to deploy. Central among these is the concept of Corporate LifeCycles.

The lifecycle model acts as a roadmap for framing and resolving the challenges that organisations must overcome to be successful. It provides unique insights into three fundamental questions:

What does it take to be a high performing organisation?

Why do may organisations fail to maximise their potential?

Why do many organisations that achieve greatness fail to sustain it?

LifeCycle Model


Organisations, like all living organisms, have a lifecycle and they exhibit predictable and repetitive patterns of behaviour as they grow and age. Each stage of this lifecycle brings new and unique challenges.

How well or how poorly leadership addresses these issues by making the changes needed to transition from one stage to the next will determine the success or failure of the organisation.

Flexibility and Control

The lifecycle position of an organisation has nothing to do with its chronological age. Organisations can be two years 'old' as easily as they can be eighty five years 'young'.

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What causes an organisation to age is a function of two things - flexibility and control. Have those in the right balance and an organisation will peform at its 'Prime' level.

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