Empower your employees with the skills to articulate the true value of your products and services, and to successfully influence the outcome of negotiations.

The cornerstone of a successful business environment is effective and open communication.

Good communication encourages creativity and innovation, and helps open up new ways of doing business. Poor or misjudged communication can result in unnecessary conflict, failure to convert opportunities and unproductive, entrenched positions.

In a marketplace crammed with products and services, it is critical your employees can differentiate you from your competitors.

Communication Toolset

methods of communication

There are many ways to communicate with colleagues and customers. Indeed, people need to use a wide variety of techniques to communicate successfully and build relationships with the range of people they encounter in business. Our workshops will help your employees understand and adopt these techniques to become smarter negotiators and more effective communicators.

Our approach teaches a variety of powerful techniques, including:

  • Rapport and mirroring skills
  • Representational systems to help people understand how to talk the same language
  • Re-framing techniques to turn problems into opportunities
  • Chunking techniques to reach consensus
  • Buying and decision elicitation strategies to help people form more compelling arguments and proposals

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We tailor each workshop specifically to your needs and business environment. We include plenty of practical work to accelerate learning and to make the experience fun, memorable and long lasting.