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Diagnosing an organisation's problems is a key step on the path to PRIME, but success only comes when the corrective changes are implemented.

Effective change programmes are built on co-operation, determination and clarity of direction and these characteristics are only realised through skilled project management and strong team facilitation.

Impact Team ™ Training

The IMPACT team ™ training programme creates a comprehensive reference for anyone whose role is to lead groups in fulfilling their creative and problem solving potential.

The workshop provides instruction and guidance in the following areas:

impact team
  • When and how to compose a team, define their mandate and assign appropriate roles.
  • How to skillfully lead meetings and facilitate work sessions to solve problems more efficiently and develop conversations needed to promote change.
  • How to influence groups to create the conditions that resolve conflict and support effective working relationships across the organisation.
  • How to work comfortably with groups across organisational boundaries.
  • How to create a system within the organisation that continually identifies and surfaces issues that need attention.

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The Importance of CAPI

The most important characteristic of the Impact Teams ™ is that they represent the 'coalescence of authority, power and influence'. In other words, they are positioned to implement change without having to seek approval elsewhere.